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Trane Introduces TruComfort™ – The State Of The Art Home Comfort System

Trane has just released a new product to key dealers — the XV20 condenser. Combined with their existing variable speed XV80 furnace or TAM8 air handler, this condenser provides a new level of efficiency and comfort. It’s Like Having 700 Air Conditioners. Unlike the current high efficiency condensers in the market that offer two levels or stages of cooling, the XV20 uses inverter technology to produce cooling output in 700 steps from 30% capacity to 100%. As a result, a home equipped with a 5 ton system can call for cooling from 1½ tons to 5 tons depending on the exact cooling requirements at the time. This design greatly improves efficiency by reducing the amount of electricity used at lower speeds and increases dehumidification with longer run times.

Surgi’s is pleased to be one of an elite group of dealers to offer the XV20i at this time. Need a new system? Surgi’s can help. Need a healthier, more comfortable life? We can change the way you feel about your home.