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AC Maintenance

Schedule AC Maintenance to Cut Cooling Costs

The warmer springtime temperatures are here to stay in Metairie, Louisiana. That means homeowners will soon start to depend on their air conditioners to provide them with cool comfort. You don’t have to pay high energy bills to secure that comfort, though. One way to keep cooling costs under control is to maintain your air conditioning system. Here’s how you can save money by scheduling AC maintenance this spring:

Maximize Every Energy Dollar

Homeowners should leave most AC maintenance tasks to a professional service technician. But there’s one you can complete yourself: changing your air conditioner’s filter. The start of the cooling season is the perfect time to do so.

When your air conditioner can move air freely through the ductwork, it improves operational efficiency. A clean filter also prevents poor indoor air quality. During AC maintenance, a service technician will inspect your air conditioner carefully and make sure it isn’t wasting energy. As a result, you’ll keep cooling costs under control through the spring and summer.

Reduce the Risk of Requiring Repairs

Minor issues can go unnoticed for years. What starts as a small problem can eventually cause a significant breakdown. During AC maintenance, a service technician can find and fix any developing issues before they require extensive repairs. As a result, you’ll reduce your risk of experiencing a breakdown during the hottest days of the summer.

Prevent a Premature Replacement

Without professional attention, one malfunctioning part can quickly damage others. When your air conditioner has multiple parts malfunctioning, it can destroy the system beyond repair. New air conditioners cost thousands of dollars. It’s wiser to invest in AC maintenance than to pay to replace your air conditioner prematurely.

Ensuring a professional takes care of your air conditioner is easy when you sign up for our Gold Star Service Plan, which includes benefits like priority scheduling and repair discounts. Contact Surgi’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (504) 469-4232 to learn more about how AC maintenance benefits you.

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